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Winbot 7 Window Cleaner
  • Winbot 7 Window Cleaner

Winbot 7 Window Cleaner


Robotic Window Cleaner

  • Winbot 7 series, with its unique features, is the only robotic window cleaner in the world to clean windows without worrying if the glass is too thick.
  • It efficiently and safely cleans windows whether frame or frame-less, eliminating dangerous factors in cleaning outside window.
  • 3 stage cleaning to achieve best cleaning efficiency
    1. First you moisten the cleaning pad with solution or water to moisten the dirt to allow for easy removal by the micro fibre pad as it makes its pass.
    2. Secondly, a squeegee follows to wipe away any liquid residue and dirt fines.
    3. Third and finally, a dry micro fibre pad behind the caterpillar treads wipes away any remaining fines and tread marks that might be left on the window.
  • Automatic programming cleaning path.
  • Winbot 7 plots its unique cleaning course, cleaning your window in a zigzag pattern and then along the edges thus ensuring maximum coverage of the area without repetition.
  • Safety protection.
  • Winbot 7 will give an audio signal when it encounters unexpected situations such as low pressure, electricity blackout, etc., A built-in battery will work to keep Winbot 7 on the window should the electrical connection fail in someway.
  • Once started, Winbot 7's internal vacuum pump and seals generate enough suction to the window to support additional weight of 13 kilograms or about 130 apples.
  • No slip ups.
  • Equipped with anti-slip drive treads and two efficiently powerful motors, Winbot 7 series has what it takes to drive the unit.
  • Less friction more protection.
  • Winbot 7's bumper and side rollers keep the unit and window protected and reduces friction. When it encounters the window frame, as an example, Winbot 7 will automatically adjust its route and keep on cleaning.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Just plug the charger into your electrical receptacle, turn it on by pushing the button and place it onto the window.
  • Cleaning of large window.
  • Winbot 7 series is capable of cleaning large window as long as its power cord extends. A cable extension can be purchased to clean larger window.
  • No scratching of window.
  • The body of Winbot 7 series is surrounded by extremely soft material which will not scratch the window frame and the material on the underside is engineered to not scratch the glass.
Window Cleaning Robot.
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