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A360 Voice Vacuum Cleaner
  • A360 Voice Vacuum Cleaner

A360 Voice Vacuum Cleaner


Robotic Voice Vacuum Cleaner

  • Ultra thin body design, it can dig into the bottoms of the furniture inconvenient to clean, such as the sofa, bed, tea table, etc. so using the cleaning robot you can easily clean the bottoms of the furniture.
  • Ultra low noise, the operating noise is not more than 50 dB, which is significantly lower than the traditional cleaners.
  • Wireless remote, that is to say the control of the cleaning robot won't be affected by the obstacles, as the wall, the furniture, etc. So you can control the cleaning robot at will.
  • Equipped with static rag and cleaning brush, so the works of dust absorbing, cleaning and mopping can be carried out synchronously. And it can automatically clean the dust, dirt, particle, animal hair and other chips and leavings on the floor.
  • The computer guidance system, which can plan the cleaning route automatically without any manual intervene.
  • Preset the cleaning times, that is you can select the cleaning dates to clean at regular times, it can clean you house automatically in time,despite that nobody is at home.
  • Clean automatically, so you can set to clean as soon as the charging is completed.
  • Automatic recharging, if the electric quantity of the robot is less than the settings of the program, it can trace the charger automatically to charge itself.
  • Automatic checking of the rubbish, so it can focus to clean the relatively dirty areas.
  • Anti-fall probes, with front case to avoid collision, so the self-protection is easily realized.
  • Virtual wall induction, so you can easily limit the operating areas of the cleaning robot.
  • Changeable operating speed, you can set fast clean and slow clean according to your own needs.
  • The cleaning robot can free itself when it is got stuck by the bottoms of the furniture and by other articles.
  • Double side brush, every side five brushs and rubber brushes more durable .
  • Unique surface looks like a mirror touch smooth and improved material more stronger.
  • It is English voice prompt can explain the functions when you press the button and when something wrong happen it will tell you what is it so that you can fix it easily.
  • The function of clean along the wall can guarantee the efficiency of the whole room cleaning.
Automatically cleans your floor while you enjoy life.
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